In 2016, we used some of Europe’s most amazing music festivals to launch a petition aimed at raising awareness among EU decision makers regarding the importance of increasing our consumption of plant-based foods. Swapping cow’s milk for oat drink, for example, can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by up to 69%* and it is about time we all know this.

To make sure this petition wouldn’t get lost in all the bureaucracy we turned it into a one-song playlist, with the intention of playing it live to decision makers in Brussels.

One signature = one song = 3:33 minutes. That equaled over 1 whole month of music!

The full petition

The nations of the world have recently reached a climate agreement with ambitious goals. It's time to turn this agreement into action.

Today, global food production accounts for approximately one third of greenhouse gas emissions and 14.5* per cent of all emissions come from the meat and dairy industries. This is more than the total combined global emissions from all forms of transport including boats, trains, cars and airplanes.

Scientists and researchers agree that we must reduce our consumption of animal-based foods and increase plant-based food consumption, not just for the sake of our own personal health but also for the health of the planet.

A Swedish study shows that by replacing cow’s milk with oat drink, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 69** per cent. While this is great news, individual efforts alone are not enough; we also need to work toward changing the system!

We feel the EU Common Agricultural Policy, in its current form, is unsustainable. It presently accounts for around 40 per cent of the entire EU budget and influences how food is produced in the EU. This policy, however, will be reviewed in 2017 which means there has never been a better time for EU politicians to make a difference. It is up to us to make sure that that climate issues and the benefits of plant-based foods are on the agenda.

We're pretty sure that if we can increase public awareness and support, we will greatly improve our chances for creating real change. So if this all makes sense, sign our petition and help us convince EU politicians that it is important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the food we eat.

And thank you for helping the planet.


* GHG emissions by livestock, FAO

** LCA of fresh and aseptic oatdrink and cows milk. (Swedish conditions) Florén, Nilsson och Wallman (2013)

* LCA of fresh and aseptic oatdrink and cows milk. (Swedish conditions) Florén, Nilsson och Wallman (2013)

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